Bondi Beach Bucket List Cafe near Sydney, Australia.

What would you do if you’ve done every item on your life’s bucket list?

In 55 years I’ve visited the Grand Canyon and Eiffel Tower, got my motorcycle license, paid off my mortgage, and learned to fear less and live more as a solo woman.

In 2014 I met Aboriginal author and fellow-writer Jared Thomas at the Goa Arts and Literary Festival in India. I shared my Goa with him at the time, and he offered to share his Australia with me—if I ever went.

Two years later, I did it. I landed in Sydney Australia with a four-month tourist’s visa. Jared whisked me off to Bondi Beach. We sipped Cooper’s Ales and watched surfers at a cafe-bar called The Bucket List.

We philosophized about life and bucket lists and l told him that—with my arrival in Australia—I’d now completed my life’s bucket list. What now, I wondered.

“Why don’t you start a new bucket list?” suggested Jared. I gave it a thought.

“I’m not a ‘list’ kind of traveller,” I mused, “But I do value little moments. They’re the kernel of my travel stories and blogs. They’re the best part.”

“So do a blog of little moments,” said Jared. “Collect them in a ‘bucket.'”

I’m in South Australia now with Jared, his partner Ruth, and their girls Tilly and Delilah. I reckon I’ll poke around the area until after Christmas, and then maybe find a motorbike.

So here’s Bucket List, Australia. I hope you enjoy and share the stories. For your reference I’ve pinned them to a Google map.

√ Start a new #bucketlist.

About me

Blogger Ulrike Rodrigues at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.

I’m Ulrike Rodrigues, a writer and rider based in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve blogged about living and cycling in Goa India; riding the rails with a folding bicycle; travelling backroads in western Canada on a 100cc motorbike, ignorance and bliss pedaling the Dordogne region of France, solo cycle-camping on the Canal des Deux Mers; and the journey of suicide.

I write about two-wheeled and independent travel because more girls and women need to hear that it is okay to be curious and adventurous.

What’s on your bucket list?