Do the downward dog on a nudie beach

Maslin Beach in South Australia.

The sign at the entry to Maslin Beach warns you of strong currents, uneven surfaces, and submerged objects. But it doesn’t tell you about the naked people.

Just as Sellicks is the driving beach, Maslin (map) is the unclad beach—or as we say in Vancouver—clothing optional beach.

I visited Maslin with a friend a few days ago. She likes to do a brisk, six-kilometre walk on the beach’s firm sand. It’s only once we got there that I discovered she does it naked.

Me, I laid a sarong out on the sand, pulled off my T-shirt and skirt, and performed a few yoga sun salutations. In my swimsuit. It’s brand new.

Naked woman, naked man, where did you get that nice suntan?*

When I was done with the yoga, I laid back on my elbows and checked out the view. Most of the people walking up and down the shoreline were men. They seemed to be looking for something. There were also men lying in the sand wearing sunglasses.

I saw a few male-female couples. Many of them seemed to be reading books. Most of the women were not naked from the waist down. I found the same phenomenon on Vancouver’s Wreck Beach.

Showing your vulva is just a bit too unclad for some of us.

Me, I’m not embarrassed of my body, but I am modest. I am grateful that I visited beautiful Maslin Beach and that I had the choice to take off my clothes—or not.

Choice is good.

* Lyrics from The Specials’ 1979 song “Stupid Marriage.” Listen on YouTube, 3:53.

Warning sign at Maslin Beach in South Australia.
Warning sign at Maslin Beach in South Australia.