Nibble a toasty jaffle

Ham and cheese toasty at Country Cup cafe in McLaren Vale, South Australia.

I first heard mention of toasties at our night of camping in Wirrina Cove.

Ruth called them jaffles and I had no idea what she was talking about. I wondered if it was a blend of words like jandals. Jandals are a New Zealand contraction of “Japanese sandals,” also known as flip-flops or thongs. However, in Vancouver, thongs are a type of  uncomfortable women’s underwear. Some of us call them “butt floss.”

But I digress.

this morning I cycled to the neighbouring village of McLaren Vale to buy some sensitive-teeth toothpaste that doesn’t cost 22 dollars (as I was shocked to discover at the Willunga local pharmacy).

I stepped into Country Cup and ordered a long black with milk and a ham-and-cheese toastie—my first! I found it was similar to the North American grilled cheese sandwich, but without the grilled part.

I could have asked for some sauce (ketchup) to go with it, but I was happy to nibble this tasty bit of brekkie tucker with my coffee.


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