Sleep in a swag

Swag bedroll with a sleeping bag inside, inside a tent in Wirrina, Australia.

The temperature went down to 8 degrees Celsius for my first night of camping in Australia at Wirrina Cove Holiday Park, south of Adelaide.

Luckily, I got to sleep inside a real live swag.

A swag is a canvas bedroll. It’s heavy and waxed and includes both a zip-over mosquito net and a cover. Ropes at either end allow you to tie it to a tree, or like a bivouac sack or camping hammock.

Or you could make like a jolly swagman and pitch it under the shade of a coolibah tree.

Sleep inside a swag.

4 thoughts on “Sleep in a swag

  1. I once slept in a swag on a ledge of a huge rock beside the ‘men’s pool’ at the gorge of Kaborneyeyeyenan, near the junction of the Mann and Katherine Rivers in Central ArnhemLand. Swags, me and my group, food and our Aboriginal guide and elder were dropped into this gorge by a Robinson R44 Raven 2 helicopter, which was the only way in. We flew in from Bindaluk, having driven from Katherine in a 4WD inland via the Aboriginal run community Manyallaluk. That was 15 years ago. I can still see the rock art in the caves there when I close my eyes …

  2. I visited four outdoors stores in Noarlunga area and saw swags for sale in all of them. Too bad they’re too heavy to carry on the back of a bicycle. The closest I can get is a ‘bivouac’ one-person tent. 😦

  3. Willunga now looks like it’s on my bucket list, for a few reasons. The wine regions are always my favourites, the grassy landscapes I love, reminds me a bit of the prairies. In 2002 I rode up across Tasmania, melbourne, and then took a train as far west as I figured would be interesting and where I would ride back from. I really regret only going as far as warrnambool and not all the way to to Adelaide. I did alright, warnambool to brisbane. Thought I was done with Australia but now I realize how much I love that country, it’s all about the nature. One day, it’s going to be all the way around, crossing the nullaboor, Perth, Broome, I want to see it all!

  4. Thanks for commenting Greg!
    The locals say Willunga has it all: wineries, cuisine, surf beaches, the ranges (mountains), and a funky, emerging city (Adelaide) just a train ride away. You can take public transit to Adelaide and it costs $3.80 and 90 minutes. But really – you’ll buy a bike when you get here, right?! Stay tuned, hopefully I’ll be able to add some more bikey stories in the next few weeks. – U.

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