NEW BLOG: Cycling France’s Canal des Deux Mers

Ulrike's bicycle on a dirt path next to the Canal du Midi, France.

Go to Cycling France’s Canal des Deux Mers

Hey hi! Check out my newest stories—a bike adventure along a historic canal that runs 500 kilometres across the south of France. The canal connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. It’s called Le Canal des Deux Mers—the canal of two seas.

I solo cycle-camped the Canal de Garonne, the Canal du Midi, a section of Mediterranean coastline including the Carmargue, and a bit of the Rhône River.

I drank wine, ate cassoulet, mingled with riverrains, joined some pagans, and slept with four Frenchmen on their canal boat—it’s a story.

To join the ride go to the Cycling France’s Canal des Deux Mers photo-travelogue. And if you’re keen, listen to a conversation about my journey on the Adventure Bike Touring Why I Bike podcast (45 minutes).

See you there!



4 thoughts on “NEW BLOG: Cycling France’s Canal des Deux Mers

  1. Hi Ulrike.

    I enjoyed listening to your podcast interview with Jim. Like you my preference is for solo touring, but mainly in Europe. Australia (where I live) is not great for bike touring – towns are too sparse and scenery gets monotonous after a while (mainly dead grass and gum trees). Last year I rode from Sydney to Melbourne along the coast, which was not too bad (but nothing like the tours I have had enjoyed in Europe). Unfortunately Australia does not have a cycling culture and lacks cycling infrastructure.

    At the moment I am enjoying cycling around London and on Saturday fly to Poland to do a solo tour from Krakow to Budapest (see maps at before returning to Sydney mid October.

    Happy travels,

  2. Hi Kevin – Thanks for your interest and thanks for getting in touch. Yes – like Canada, I found the roads in south Australia are designed for fast motor traffic and not the kind of slow tourings – motorbike or bicycle – that I prefer. I agree that thousands of tiny side roads in Europe make that more possible. — Ulrike

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